Lead Chiller

The Maxi-CUBE Slide-a-Side offers ease of access from the side or rear of the trailer, combining the load restraint characteristics of a rigid wall van with the flexibility of a curtain sided trailer.

The Lead model is available with a fixed body suitable for side loading and unloading. It is also available with a roll back mechanism to allow dock loading and unloading if required. The roll back system of the Lead Van uses a reliable and proven rack and pinion mechanism, driven by an hydraulic motor. Hydraulic power is provided by an electro-hydraulic pump powered from a dedicated battery. The battery is charged from the fridge plant.

Suitable for the transportation of chilled produce, dairy and other temperature controlled or dry freight goods. The Slide-A-Side Chiller van has the ability to maintain temperatures http://healthsavy.com down to zero degrees Celsius. The roof, front wall, side walls and doors are insulated with high quality polyurethane foam, made in-house by Maxi-CUBE. Because the foam is made to the required gauge and not cut to size, it has superior insulation properties and optimizes the thermal performance of the van. The floor is also insulated.

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Features and Benefits

Have a quick look at the Slide-A-Side’s key features:

  • Co-extruded hard back door seals that are long lasting, easy to replace if damaged and actually keep out dust and water;
  • Twin electrical connectors to suit both popular types of wiring connector – meaning that your truck will match up to the trailer with ease;
  • Strong, durable FRP walls;
  • High resale value
  • 2 Year Warranty for peace of mind;
  • Australia’s best national dealer network to keep you on the road making money.
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