Hi-Cube Reefer Lead

hi-cube reefer lead

Ideal for transporting perishable goods that require sub zero temperature such as frozen meat and vegetables, the Maxi-CUBE Hi-CUBE Reefer maintains temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius (dependent on the ambient temperature and fridge plant fitted).

The Maxi-CUBE Hi-CUBE Reefer uses the same construction techniques and high performance insulation foam as a Maxi-CUBE Reefer, but with thinner side walls, floor and roof to optimize cubic capacity – so useful when the load is slightly over standard pallet size.

The roll back system of the Lead Van uses a reliable and proven rack and pinion mechanism, driven by an hydraulic motor. Hydraulic power is provided by an electro-hydraulic pump powered from a dedicated battery. The battery is charged from the fridge plant.

Please click here to view the Maxi-CUBE Roll Back Lead trailer demonstration video.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reliable, durable roll back system that reduces down-time and keeps the trailer on the road
  • Superior thermal efficiency
  • Co-extruded hard back door seals that are long lasting, easy to replace if damaged and provide good insulation performance
  • 3 year warranty
  • Australia’s best national dealer network to keep you on the road making money
  • Galvanized sub frame provides greater life and minimises maintenance
  • High resale value
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