Bin Lifter

The Lusty EMS Bin Lifter trailer features pivot pin suspension that allows the suspension to remain on the ground when disengaging the bin, which makes it much safer on uneven ground and other difficult terrain. Many drivers appreciate the added safety and the other OH&S benefits.

Functionality, reliability and safety make the Lusty EMS Bin Lifter a very popular option for the bin lifting market.

To maximise your payload advantage your Lusty EMS dealer can ensure that your truck and Bin Lifter combination meets legal dimensional requirements.


  • Designed to make your business more profitable with a low tare weight and high payload, Lusty EMS Bin Lifter come with a two year warranty and are backed by a strong nationwide dealer network.
  • Painted with high quality two pack paint applied over grit blasted and primed steel, the Lusty EMS Bin Lifter trailer looks great and will retain its excellent appearance with regular maintenance.
  • Quality wiring looms come as standard, which means reduced downtime and one less thing to worry about.
  • LED lights are also standard, providing long and reliable life and adapting automatically to varying voltages in truck power supplies.
  • Laser alignment of the chassis beams and suspensions provides for better stability and tracking which leads to reduced tyre wear.
  • In the end, the Lusty EMS difference is obvious – our trailers are built with care and attention to detail to provide long and reliable life and strong resale value.
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