t-liner trailer

The Freighter T-Liner is the trailer that started it all for general availability of curtain sided trailers and has been leading the field ever since. Available in a range of pallet sizes, Freighter T-Liners are designed to optimise low tare weight with high strength for more payload.

Finished with high quality two pack paint applied over grit blasted and primed steel, there are no short cuts in the manufacturing process. Ensuring a trailer that looks good when new and retains its value when the time comes to trade it in.

Featuring enhanced stability and safety through its wide spaced main beams and wide track axles, with low profile frames that deliver a lower centre of gravity, its designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions.

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Features and Benefits

Featuring the fast, reliable and easy to use Freighter curtain tensioner, the curtains are made from the best curtain fabric for long life and strength. The ball bearing rollers on curtains aid in the ease of operation in opening and closing the sides of the trailer.Rear door hinges are unique to Freighter and provide excellent door location and support along with integral anti-rack due to their innovative design.

Hard back door seals are a co-extruded design that provides the strength and durability of a rigid plastic spine combined with the excellent water and dust proofing of flexible sealing lips.

The Freighter bow front is a high quality fibreglass moulding that enhances the appearance of the trailer. It extends the full height of the trailer so that the maximum aerodynamic benefits can be achieved, along with better appearance.

Standard is the chequer-plate floor and quality wiring, LED lights and twin electrical plugs on the front wall to fit both popular connector styles. A Road Train configuration is available and includes a towing hitch and an extra heavy duty wiring loom.

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