LoadHold-Load Restraint Tautliner

load hold curtain

The great benefit of this Freighter design is that it meets the Load Restraint Guidelines for many types of loads, removing the need for traditional load restraint devices.

As the load restraint system is built into the curtains the Freighter Load Hold trailer does away with the need for conventional gates

It has been tested to meet NTC Load Restraint Guidelines with a unitised load of 1,400kg per pallet space for common loads and up to 2.0 tonne per pallet space with load specific Freighter Engineering approval. Load Hold is music to driver’s ears – it does away with the need for conventional gates because the load restraint system is built into the curtains.

Load Hold has been developed through the innovative use of composite technology teamed with traditional buckles and straps. Extra high strength fibreglass pultrusions run from the curtain track down within the curtain and are attached to conventional buckles and extra high strength straps.

Download PDF Brochure (1371kb):

trailer sales parts catalogue 2012

trailer sales spacer

Features and Benefits

No gates to handle: faster load/unload cycles

No gates to handle: significant OH&S benefits

Increased productivity: potentially more drops per day

Increased payload (up to 170kg if 5ft steel gates and a gate carrier are not specified)

No gates to get damaged, lost or left behind

One less thing for drivers to worry about

Based on proven, reliable Freighter T-Liner technology

High Young’s Modulus – no stretching

Won’t corrode, rot or decay

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