Lead T-Liner

lead t-liner

Freighter was the first trailer manufacturer to make the T-Liner configuration available to general transport operators and has lead the market in innovation in this type of trailer.

You can transport a range of goods safely and securely in the Freighter T-Liner. Available in various pallet sizes to suit your truck and B-Double configuration, it also comes with several gate designs to suit your load restraint requirements and OH&S needs.

Utilise the lead trailer by itself or combine with a tag trailer for maximum payload. Or alternatively, gain fleet optimisation with the lead trailer as it can be hooked up to a range of other trailers for carting a wide variety of goods.

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Features and Benefits

Designed to maximise your bottom line, the T-Liner design features the distinctive Freighter bow front to enhance your fleet’s appearance and reduce drag at highway speeds.

Featuring enhanced stability and safety through its wide spaced beams and wide track axles, with low profile frames that deliver a lower centre of gravity, it’s built to withstand the harshest operating conditions.

Designed to make you money with a low tare weight and high payload, Freighter trailers come with a two year warranty and are backed by Australia’s best national trailer dealer network.??Painted with high quality two pack paint applied over grit blasted and primed steel, the Freighter trailer looks great and will retain its excellent appearance with regular maintenance.??LED lights are also standard, providing long and reliable life and adapting automatically to varying voltages in truck power supplies.??Featuring the fast, reliable and easy to use Freighter curtain tensioner, the curtains are made from the best curtain fabric for long life and strength. The ball bearing rollers on curtains aid in the ease of operation in opening and closing.??Rear door hinges are unique to Freighter and provide excellent door location and support along with integral anti-rack due to their innovative design. Hard back door seals are a co-extruded design that provides the strength and durability of a rigid plastic spine combined with the excellent water and dust proofing of flexible sealing lips.

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