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A major advance in trailer load restraint curtain systems incorporating no buckles or gates, there are simply no worries for operators and drivers when using Freighter’s unique, new, patent pending AutoHold™ curtain. The beauty of the AutoHold design is in its simplicity as it eliminates the need for both conventional buckles, straps and also the gates.

The vertical locking, unlocking and release of the curtain is completely automatic via a simple push button control.  The air-operated mechanism swings all the pultrusions at once to lock/unlock them into the coaming rail.Because the load restraint system is built into the curtain, in most cases gates are unnecessary.  Freighter AutoHold has been certified to meet the NTC Load Restraint Guidelines for a unitised load of 1,250kg per pallet space.

Download PDF Brochure (585kb):

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Features and Benefits

The advantages of AutoHold are numerous:

• Faster load/unload cycles

• More drops per day

• Improvement in overall productivity

• Reduction in OH&S risk

• No gates to get damaged or lost

• Happier, more productive drivers

• Increased payload due to reduced tare weight

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