Ultra-Lo Skel

ultra low skel

Available in either Lead or Tag configurations, Freighter’s Ultra-Lo Skel is carefully engineered to carry containers up to 3.2m (10’6”) high (the truck must have a turntable height of 1025mm). The skid plate area is designed to have sufficient strength at a remarkably low thickness.

Major configurations include:


  • 6.7m TL2 (one 20ft cont., 20 tonne, tandem)
  • 9.4m TL2 (one 20ft cont., 30 tonne, triaxle)
  • 12.2m TL2 (one 40ft container)
  • 12.2m TL6 (one or two 20ft, or one 40ft)
  • 10.93m Tag TL2 B-Double (one 20ft cont., triaxle)


  • 10.48m Lead TL2 B-Double (one 20ft cont., triaxle)

10.48m Lead TL6 B-Double (one or two 20ft, or one 40ft, triaxle) – this trailer incorporates folding bolsters at the rear of the turntable so that it can be configured as either a lead or a standard skel trailer.

Download PDF Brochure (837kb):

trailer sales parts catalogue 2012

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Features and Benefits

Carry containers up to 3.2m (10’6″) high with the Ultra-Lo Skel (with a truck turntable of 1025mm). With 3 way pins, the TL6 Skel will carry 1×20′, 2×20′ or 1×40′ containers.

All Freighter Skels have twin electrical sockets to suit both types of popular truck wiring plugs as well as LED lights, so you can be sure of truck to trailer compatability.

Bare metal grit blasting followed by high quality primer and a two pack top coat ensure that paint finish is excellent and will assist in resisting the corrosive effects of working in a salty environment.

In the end, a Freighter skel offers you high resale value, high payload and reliable operation, all backed by a strong dealer network.

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