Skel Trailer

skel trailer

The Skel is available in a Single or Tag configuration (Tag shown at right).

Durable with a low centre of gravity, wide frames and a two year warranty, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.

Finished with high quality two pack paint applied over grit blasted and primed steel, there are no short cuts.

Listed below are the trailer configurations that will transport the following container sizes:

  • 6.7m TL2 (one 20ft cont., 20 tonne, tandem)
  • 9.4m TL2 (one 20ft cont., 30 tonne, triaxle)
  • 12.2m TL2 (one 40ft container)
  • 12.2m TL6 (one or two 20ft, or one 40ft)
  • Logging Skel 12.2m
  • 10.93m Tag TL2 B-Double (one 20ft cont., triaxle)
  • Dropframe 11.62m TL2 (one 20ft cont., triaxle)
  • Dropframe 12.2m TL6 (one or two 20ft, or one 40ft)

Download PDF Brochure (826kb):

trailer sales parts catalogue 2012

trailer sales spacer

Features and Benefits

The Skel trailer may also include an extra set of twist-locks allowing the container position to be varied depending on whether the tag is being used in a B-Double or as a single trailer.

Twistlocks are “electro-ltae yellow” to make container loading fast and accurate and all Freighter Skels have twin electrical outlets to suit both common types of electrical connectors, so you can be sure the truck will be compatible.

Standard LED lights ensure truck compatability.

Freighter’s high quality two pack paint, applied over a grit blasted and primed base, ensures long lasting good looks, even in a salty environment.

All Freighter trailers are backed by a comprehensive Australia wide 2 year warranty, supported by Freighter’s experienced national dealer network.

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