Retractable Skel

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The Retractable Skel is designed to provide a range of carrying options while ensuring leagl axle loadings.

There are three main configurations which take the following container sizes:

  • Retractable (9.3 – 12.2m) TL6 (one or two 20ft, or one 40ft container capacity)
  • Tag Retractable (9.8m to 12.7m) to carry up to 40ft containers

Tag Retractable (10.2m to 13.73m) to carry up to 45ft containers

Download PDF Brochure (759kb):

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Features and Benefits

With 3 positions of operation, the Retractable skel offers the convenience of added flexibility to your fleet with carrying various sizes of containers with the one trailer.

  • Fully Extended: to carry either 2x20ft containers or 1x40ft container.
  • Semi-Extended: to carry a 23 tonne, 20ft container at 20 tonne gross on the triaxle, with the container mid-way on the trailer.
  • Retracted: used to unload a 20ft container at a loading dock.

A large overlap between the front and rear sections when extended ensures adequate strength.

Its strong, fail safe air operated locking pins maximise load security.

When the locking pins are unlocked safety flags are engaged to alert the driver.

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