Skel Lead

skel lead

Use the lead trailer by itself or combine with a tag skeletal trailer for maximum payload.

Gain fleet optimisation with the lead trailer as it can be hooked up to most other trailers for carting different goods. The following models will transport various container sizes:

  • 10.5m Lead TL2 B-Double (one 20ft cont., triaxle)
  • 10.5m Lead TL2 x 2 – this trailer has two positions at which to carry a 20ft container whereby a lighter container can be carried at the front if the container on the tag trailer is heavy.
  • 10.5m Lead TL6 B-Double (one or two 20ft, or one 40ft, triaxle) – this trailer incorporates folding bolsters at the rear of the turntable so that it can be configured as either a lead or a standard skel trailer.

Quad Axle Heavy Duty Lead Skel – used in B-Double carrying 4 x 20ft or 2 x 40ft containers on wharf work.

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Features and Benefits

With wide frames and a low centre of gravity adding to its durability, the Freighter Skel trailer is the original work horse.

Twistlocks are “electro-plate yellow” to make container loading fast and accurate and all Freighter Skels have twin electrical outlets to suit both common types of electrical connectors, so you can be sure the truck will be compatible.

Standard LED lights ensure compataibility with virtually all truck voltages.

Freighter’s high quality two pack paint, applied over a grit blasted and primed base, ensures long lasting good looks, even in a salty environment.

All Freighter trailers are backed by a comprehensive Australia wide 2 year warranty, supported by Freighter’s experienced national dealer network.

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