Outback Series

The Australian Outback is a vast, harsh and unforgiving place where only the highest quality and most durable transport equipment will survive and Freighter Outback is no ordinary trailer.

Freighter Outback is designed and built to withstand the worst that Australian roads can throw at it. For many years, operators who ply Australia’s vast network of country roads day in and day out have come to depend on Freighter to get them and their loads safely to their destination.

When Freighter engineers were designing the Outback, they understood that a new approach would have to be adhered to in order to meet their goal of outstanding reliability and durability.  A no compromise approach was therefore adopted for Outback’s design which incorporates a number of unique features over and above a standard Freighter trailer.

The Outback is available in a range of Freighter models and in your preferred specification.

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