Insuliner Lead

The Insuliner Lead has the ability to carry chilled produce with the convenience of side loading, a real benefit when loading in the field or in cold stores.

The roof, front wall and rear wall of the Insuliner are made by MaxiTRANS’ Maxi-CUBE panel plant, so you can be sure of excellent insulation performance.

The Lead can be combined with a Tag Insuliner or other suitable trailer – check your Freighter dealer to ensure dimensional legal requirements are met.

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Features and Benefits

High quality curtains for long life and strength, coupled with the fast and easy to use Freighter curtain tensioner.

Rear door hinges are unique to Freighter and provide excellent door location and support along with integral anti-rack due to their innovative design. Hard back door seals are a co-extruded design that provides the strength and durability of a rigid plastic spine combined with the excellent water and dust proofing of flexible sealing lips.

With the ability to carry either standard or chilled freight, the Insuliner will add flexibility to your fleet.

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