Flat Top Lead

flat top lead

The Freighter Flat Top Lead trailer may be purchased as a stand alone trailer to use with an existing tag trailer for maximum payload flexibility, or may be purchased as part of a B-Double combination. Your Freighter dealer can ensure that your truck and B-Double combination meets legal dimensional requirements while maximising your payload.

Available in standard or drop frame lead configurations to suit your application, the Lead can also be provided with optional pull out ramps to allow machinery to be driven between the lead and tag trailer.

The Flat Top trailer illustrated is a Drop Deck with an air operated floor height adjustment mechanism that allows the rear section to be raised to align with the front section, creating a flat floor with no drop to suit certain loads.

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Features and Benefits

Designed to make you money with a low tare weight and high payload, Freighter trailers come with a two year warranty and are backed by Australia’s best national trailer dealer network.

Painted with high quality two pack paint applied over grit blasted and primed steel, the Freighter trailer looks great and will retain its excellent appearance with regular maintenance.

A chequer-plate floor and quality wiring loom come as standard.

LED lights are also standard, providing long and reliable life and adapting automatically to varying voltages in truck power supplies.

Optional twist lock pedestals in the floor and behind the 5th wheel allow the carrying of a container above the triaxle.

Most of all, our customers tell us that a Freighter “just tows better”.

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