High Volume Side Tipper

  • SAFE

The patented High Volume Side Tipper (HVST) is unique throughout the world. It consists of a hinged upper body that effectively doubles the volumetric capacity of the trailer with little increase in tare weight. The AZMEB HVST is SAFE because tipping is entirely controlled from the truck cab, as are opening and closing the side door and the optional tarp cover.

It is highly PRODUCTIVE thanks to its very fast tipping cycle, up to 10 times faster than a “walking floor” type unit. This means potentially more loads per day, fewer trucks on the road and fewer drivers required. What’s more, its design allows the cartage of a wide variety of loads ranging from very low density to very high density.

ECO-FRIENDLINESS is aided by the leak-proof bowl shaped tub floor and full length rubber hinge, meaning you can carry high moisture content loads without the risk of spillage.

LOW MAINTENANCE is ensured by simple and fast hydraulics, with two rams doing the job of three at each end, fewer parts and fewer hoses. There are also very few grease points and they are all serviced by remote grease lines. The bowl is made from one piece of 450 grade wear plate and sits on full length rubber pads that absorb loading shocks. The full length rubber hinge is durable, requires no grease and resists product jamming.

Protected by International Patent

Download PDF Brochure : trailer sales parts catalogue 2012
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